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SENCHART english version

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Origin of the project :

Researches for a more coherent development : a citizen’s need for paradigm shift : Since 2005 Association Bernica (AB) is a tool, defined intercontributively, to work directly together;  to work, in direct collaboration, between us, the citizens; the individuals, individually or as groups, associative, institutional or private, equitably, out of hierarchizing process. AB’s aim is to be coherently and pertinently researching for the conditions that allow a conscious change of paradigm: a democratic network aiming to define and concretize sustainable development, elaborating methodological, media and logistical tools, to enable, in continuous improvement, larger federation, better definition of particular and collective goals, and optimization of collective heritage.

Those researches have led to conceptualize a panel of complementary solutions which we now wish to implement.

Unity makes strength :

Today a number of individuals and structures are working separately, even though part of their goals are common, and many practical solutions exist but stay unknown or unused despite they are reachable due to the revolution in communication means.
BA proposes collaborative tools to make everyone’s undertakings easier and optimize development efforts, simultaneously guaranteeing participants their unique identity and autonomy.
Those cooperations have multiple benefits, such as:
- An optimization of the means to define objectives and potentialities.
- A methodology of exchanges and inter-participation in the development of collective goals, and the sharing of knowledge and skills.
- Organization of communication methods aimed at an international acknowledgement of stakes of general interest, as well as of the attractive features of structures, and of their cooperation value.

Practically, cooperations develop following three parallel undertakings :
1/ Referencing the network of wills, competences and logistics ; our potentialities.
2/ Researching possibilities of collaboration (underlining common interests and tools of expertise sharing)
3/ Developing methodological, media-centered and structural tools (setting protocols, programs, time schedules, and achievement platforms).

Among those networks-tools, Senshart cooperation aims at developing artistic and cultural heritage.

Its objective is to optimize creative potential :

Artists and works, educational structures, knowledge and skills, working and communicating competence, and the acknowledgement of the stakes of general interest related to arts and culture.  Its uninterrupted development and the progressive integration of new fields of action must also bring creativity into the methods for conceptualizing and communicating sustainable development, thus improving the definition and clarity of its stakes, for a paradigm shift: an inspired and humanist evolution of our “development” methods, our social, collective, political organization.

PHILOSOPHY and purpose of the Senshart project :

To conscientize* the nature of human features (anthropologically defined as adaptive genius, notably through act of artistic and spiritual researches), and of our time (unprecedented and radically exceptional in our history, of the forth revolution of information, of the global hyper hierachisation and disruption, the destruction of common good and sense, as of the sudden universal potential access to the tools, know-how, and necessity, to consciously define our needs and potentialities, and the next noetic paradigm) :

* To conscientize means to acknowledge into consciousness, into the meta-paradigmatic stage, into the state of being, where we are, anthropologically the most fully ourselves : Human beings, freely defining reality . To precise why to speak about conscientization and conscientogenic contexts and methodologies, instead of acknolegement and rationalization, let’s quote our main human patrymony in this feald of research, or « how to discriminate the spectator from the spectacle », from the Vedic statement :

The form is perceived and the eye is its perceiver. Eye is perceived and the mind is its perceiver. The mind with its modifications is perceived and the Witness (the Self) is verily the perceiver. But the Witness is not perceived (by any other).

DRG-DRSAVIVEKA; An inquiry into the Nature o the « Seer » and the « Seen »; Vedic text in English translation by Swami Nikhilananda; Sri Ramakrishna Asrama; Mysore 1931)

Believing in the humanism of human beings who are heirs and part of cosmos and of life… in their capacity for adaptation, their unlimited creativity… in spite of a misleading context due to the extreme capitalization of powers that implies over-mediatization of vacuity, avidity, cynicism and competitive spirit.  This situation is a natural consequence of the early times of information revolution, of a monopolization of the means to define reality, of manipulation and  collective organization.
Stakes : Start from what exists so as to continuously improve local and global situation:

Conscientize current state, potentialities, issues and paradoxes of our times, and of the globalization of a societal model that is internationally judged unsustainable. Get to know citizens’ needs and means, as well as those of sustainable development on institutional and international grounds: logistics available for a paradigm shift, for an evolution of the reference frame; paths to conscientize reality, to define general interest, and to develop common good. Define priorities, protocols (methodology) and programs, to be adequate, coherent and ethical (that is, equitable, transparent, comprehensive… democratic).

Goals : Learn the methods and tools necessary to work together, define common interests, and collectively develop adequate solutions.

Proposition: Organization of inter contributive groups to:

- Optimize the definition of wills and potentialities
- Develop federative tools
- Communicate and popularize methodologies to define general interest
- Experiment possibilities of more sustainable, human and ecological development, to realize federative goals.

Senshart WEB offer :

Senshart works as a mulitimedia encyclopedia designed to develop artistic and cultural potential: a proactive Wikipedia to reference knowledge and actors, define needs collectively, and develop the network potential, on methodological, communicative and structural grounds (setting collaborative methods, communication and promotion tools, and work spaces).
All participants, whether being an independent actor or a structure (such as an artisan, an independent artist, a network of artists, a university, a museum, an association, an ONG, a working group, a gallery or a shop,…) will have available a dedicated space, independent and autonomous, where their other existing sites will also be referenced. They will have the possibility to obtain and exchange information and services based on their own interests, and to contribute to the elaboration of collective projects.

Thus the first step is to develop independent and compatible Internet sites, that each one will be able to manage easily. Thereafter, those sites will be simply shared through Senshart interface, based on common data indexation.
This networking will lead to further expand the fields of action and the potential to integrate new networks and sectors. It will promote international links, develop complementary potential, and result in defining in more details collective heritage and general interest.

This dynamic will lead to put together the problematics of globalization and of sustainable development, that are par excellence stakes of general interest needing federation and creativity. It will guarantee large visibility of the first network participants’ stakes and needs, and will enable them to bring their creativity and alternative communication capacities into collective stakes.
In addition to communication capacities as those of the cooperative site, Senshart has the objective of developing geographical spaces (see BAL) appropriate to artistic development, artists welcome, interplay, and promotion of skills and works.

Senshart : a cooperative devoted to define, develop and optimize, our artistic, spiritual and cultural potential: our most reasonable reason of being.

Senshart’ purpose is to create link between the actors of artistic and cultural development, promote actors, artistic and traditional skills, and logistic capacities necessary to their development.

Complementary goals :

  • Promotion :

- of skills (traditional and new)
- of works
- of individual and collective projects (favor partnerships)
- of spaces for creation, learning, exhibition,
- and of transformation, meetings, information…
- of suppliers (material, tools, repairs,…)

  • Networking :

- of artists, craftspersons and actors of cultural development
- of suppliers and transformers (transport, communication and administration)
- with mediatic networks and general public

  • Development :

- of logistic and technical capacities, mediatic and creative tools,
- of artistic, hand-crafted, cultural and sustainable skills: organization of 3D Structures (ex: Ecrin project of artistic residence in Terelj)
- of innovation quality: Labelling: RCE methodology and handling of HSEQ ISCS (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest, with High Social and Environmental Quality)
- of relational and productive ethics, of solidarity-based economy and of sustainable development: partnership with 3D Media.

The website development :

Senshart must become an independent website and propose a tool to promote traditional and novel skills, works, material, spaces and other logistic means locally and globally available (ex: sources of funding, offers). Senshart will also offer an area of discussion between various audiences, via a platform for exchanges, forums and collective actions.
It will be easy to carry out researches by general or specific topics (names/dates/places…). This interface will enable one to create new artistic categories, to contact expertises, create links between them, get informed about events, material, available works, as about functioning (where? – when? – how many? – how?) and the available public logistics and offers (for what? – for whom?), places, dates, current projects or expressed wills…

Possibility for each one to multiply and cross categories (for example and without rating: music/jazz/events/painting/sculpture/literature/guitarists/suppliers/promotion/repairers…)
Sharing techniques: exchange (of services, materials and virtual money)

Referencement forms :
Main entries: (Artists/Techniques/Activities/Places/Material/Logistics/Projects)
The same information will be indexed to different topics and thus made available via various entries. This approach will favor information promotion and connection, among others means on the basis of efficient categorization by web search engines such as Google.
For example, entering “Mongolia” in the web search engine of the homepage will give access to:
- a specific web search engine
- one or several interactive maps
- library checklists
- traditional and modern skills
- spaces: raw material supply/ tool trade/ crafts workshops/ arts workshops/ exhibition and event places/ public and private learning structures…
- projects by topics
- referenced works (by topics, dates and disponibilities)
- artists (by localization, goals, expertise, affiliations…)


- Development of a large inter-sectorial network: arts – culture – heritage and sustainable development (education, agronomics, energy, NICT…)
- Participants autonomy: adequate tutorials, specific sites in a continuously growing network, dynamic of mutual assistance…
- Access to practical information: offers, model information letters…
- Management of methods to share expertise
- Setting of collective work platforms (automatic links as a function of interests, development of common interest projects)
- Popularization of the definition of general interest (methodology to define particular interests and public heritage – see method P6)
- Development of communication capacities, international link, participants acknowledgment, by institutions, sponsors and general public
- Promotion of alternative and altruistic information, and of monopoly-free researches in all development domains…
- Creation of an inter-citizen HSEQ label (High Social and Environmental Quality)
- Development of inter-sectorial cooperative dynamics: see 3D ISCS (media, education, tourism, import-export, arts, sciences…)

Complementarity of competence fields :

Education, learning and inter-understanding are essential to development evolution and to the exchanges and cooperations it involves. This is why international 3DSchool is an inescapable complementary tool: Senshart, 3DMedia, 3DSchool and other HSEQ cooperatives work in synergy. Those cooperatives are the fulfilment tools of 3D Network researches.

global benefits of this synergy : This cooperation will favor :
- Inter-understanding of the different activity sectors, toward better definition and greater awareness of the stakes of sustainable development.
- Optimizing the network competence and the efficacy of realization of the particular and general goals.
- Social solidarization through development of methodologies to federate and share needs and tasks.

Translation and education : a strength to communicate, federate and develop :
As they are of general interest and constitute collective heritage, the documents to be translated offer perfect work supports to activities of linguistic teaching. For example, for Unesco as well as fine-arts, connecting together inter-university cooperation and private institutes (3DSchool) is directly profitable. This dynamic of expertise sharing will of course expand to the whole body of general interest needs met by 3D Network, such as those concerning the development of web or accounting capacities… The inter-structural and global vote for choosing priority needs will lead to define associative and institutional goals, and the whole body of “general interest”, that is of “development”.

The network development involves and makes possible larger information propagation. In addition, 3DMedia cooperative, RCE methodologies and P6 favor relevance, quality and democratic rating of the information conveyed.
This development of communication capacities will lead to great acknowledgment, and optimization of citizen, institutional and private involvement, on logistic as well as administrative, legal and financial grounds.

Artists (or Structures) forms (all informations are facultative) :

- Name :

- Contacts (Tel/Address/Mail/fb/Website) :

- Techniques :

- Realizations (books/photos/videos/audio)
- Activities :
- Projects :
- Philosophy (ethics) and methods :

Places forms:
- Workshops
- Course:
- Galleries :
- Museums :
- Exhibitions :
- Events :
- Conferences :
- Storage :

Other main topics developed by Senshart :
- Traditional techniques :
- Contemporary arts :
- Material :
- Logistics :
- Projects :
- Art history :


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